PELLENC, born in Provence, now has a presence all over the world: from the olive groves of Spain and Italy to the vineyards of Chile, South Africa, California, and Australia.

In order to remain close to you and meet your needs in ever better ways, we distribute our machines and tools through our distribution network.

That way, you can be sure of always being able to find the best PELLENC products, services, and advice anywhere in the world.

John Berends Implements

Riverland Agri Services is now proudly stocking a range of implements from quality Australian manufacturers John Berends & Wecan.

We also have access to the full range of spare parts and accessories.

John Berends Implements was established on the 6th October 1966. John began by manufacturing grader blades, rippers, car trailers and carryalls.

John Berends Implements manufacture and sell predominantly tractor three point linkage mounted machines. The product range is wide and Berends is one of the largest manufacturers of this type in Australia, and, more recently, New Zealand.

Spagnolo Engineering

Specializing in Mechanical Pruning Equipment the Spagnolo Mechanical Vineyard & Orchard Pruners are heavy-duty implements capable of operating under varied conditions. Mechanical pruning machines are used for pre-pruning, pruning, and trimming of grapevines and orchards. Spagnolo Pruning machinery lasts the distance and comes complete with the Spagnolo promise to provide exceptional backup service.

Fantastic Spagnolo backup and service means pruning machinery downtime is kept to a minimum. All Spagnolo vineyard and orchard rotary pruners operate at low Revs per minute (RPM), minimizing the safety risks.

Minos Agri DTM Multidisc

The Minos Agri DTM Multidisc tiller and rotary harrow combination does not spoil the levelling of the soil because each disc works independently in working conditions. Shreds the soil more effectively than the disc harrow.

Working speed is generally 10-12km/h and roll adjustment can be made with a hydraulic piston. Carrying roller weight is also taken on the equipment to minimise the load applied to the arms of the tractor.

Berti Mulcher

The experience of over 50 years in the manufacturing of farm implements makes it possible for Berti Company to offer a complete range of technologically advanced mulchers and shredders, to serve a more and more demanding and specialized agriculture.  The high quality, the sturdiness and the reliability of the products, the will to satisfy always the customers requirement are the reasons of the large success enjoyed by these implements worldwide.


Wecan Global Co Ltd is a South Korean manufacturer of premium quality rotary hoes & power harrows. All series represent excellent value for money. Wecan Global use the most advanced manufacturing equipment and are dedicated to introducing technology not seen anywhere else in the world. Wecan Global implements have a proven history working reliably in Australian conditions.

Seymour Rural Equipment

Seymour Rural Equipment is an engineering workshop which specialises the manufacture of bulk handling equipment from Conveyors & Grain Shifters to Truck Mounted & Trailing Spreaders, Bulk Conveyor Trailers and Potato Handling Equipment.

We are based in central Victoria but manufacture equipment for use in all areas of Australia, from Tasmania to Far North Queensland.