Battery Power Tools

PELLENC, born in Provence, now has a presence all over the world: from the olive groves of Spain and Italy to the vineyards of Chile, South Africa, California, and Australia.

In order to remain close to you and meet your needs in ever better ways, we distribute our machines and tools through our distribution network.

That way, you can be sure of always being able to find the best PELLENC products, services, and advice anywhere in the world.


The compact electric handheld pruner Compact and ultra-lightweight at just 1.95 kg, the SELION M12 handheld pruner has all the advantages of a larger model, starting with its power. Manoeuvrable and versatile, its unique design makes it an ideal and indispensable tool for fast and precise vineyard work. Perfectly adapted to removing diseased sections of vine, the SELION M12 handheld pruning chainsaw is also equipped with the latest PELLENC safety innovations.


The lightweight electric pruning shears, powerful and sturdy The PRUNION electric pruning shears for professionals make your pruning work easier and less tiring. Throughout the day of battery life offered by its battery, you get the benefit of its record-breaking lightness (860 g) and its intuitive and natural ergonomics. And thanks to its double connector that allows you to use it simultaneously with another PELLENC tool, you increase your productivity. You can use the pole to prune your trees up to a height of 4 metres.


Your battery becomes a generator The POWER CONVERTOR goes everywhere with you. Transforming direct current into alternating current, the POWER CONVERTOR is the ideal way to take advantage of the electricity stored in your batteries—all of which are compatible—wherever you happen to be. With the POWER CONVERTOR battery-powered generator at your worksite, you can use it to power electric tools with a wattage lower than 1000 W, such as drills, jackhammers, small household appliances, or even your mobile phone.


Ergonomic harnesses for more comfort and efficiency Designed to be adaptable to your body shape and your different working postures, PELLENC ergonomic harnesses make your work easier by reducing its arduousness. The different models: 750, COMFORT, and ALPHA are lightweight but tough. They are suitable for carrying the batteries fitted to our battery power tools, such as the CITY CUT brush cutter or the HELION ALPHA hedge trimmer. With them, you have complete freedom of movement for greater efficiency, effectiveness, and comfort throughout your day.


The electric soil cultivator that avoids the need for chemical weeding The CULTIVION soil cultivator is a high-performance alternative to chemical products for protecting crops. Powerful, fast, and precise, it increases your productivity when working in the vineyard. Totally versatile, it can be used for hoeing, soil aeration, or weeding, and is suitable for all types of soil, both on the surface and below. Together you are always ready: its lightness and manoeuvrability make your work easier.


Opt for a backpack battery or an integrated model. They are durable, high-capacity, and deliver long battery life. PELLENC’s range of backpack or tool-integrated batteries offers vine-growing professionals the benefit of the experience of the world’s leading manufacturer to have introduced lithium-ion technology into its battery power tools. ULiB (Ultra Lithium Battery) backpack batteries offer an excellent power-to-weight ratio and let you use your tools intensively. With the ULiB 1200 and 1500 batteries, you can work from one to three full days without recharging. As for the 520 ALPHA integrated battery, it offers an alternative to petrol motors without the need to make compromises. Adapted to the balance and ergonomics of your power tools, it provides you with the longest battery life.


The fast and lightweight vine tying machine that speeds up your work Lightweight and easy to handle, the new generation FIXION 2 vine tying machine boosts your productivity. Time savings of up to 50% compared to hand tying mean that the investment pays for itself very quickly. Its record weight of 800 g, including the battery, gives you great freedom to move around while you work. Its ergonomic handle and battery life let you hold the tool securely in your hand throughout a full working day.


The lightest pruning shears out there with unrivalled pruning speed and manoeuvrability Incorporating all of PELLENC’s know-how and technology, the VINION pruning shears for vine-growing professionals are the most inexpensive battery-powered pruning shears on the market. Ergonomic, manoeuvrable, precise, VINION pruning shears are designed to give you what you need. VINION can be used with either of two battery systems depending on how much battery life you need, so you can get your work done as quickly and efficiently as possible.